This is a review of polyvore. Enjoy!

In case you dont Know what polyvore is, here is the definition of polyvore from urban dictionary: “this crazy cool webiste where you can use a tool that you download, go to a site, download ANY picture you want to the polyvore webiste, and then go into this editor thing and move it around with other items you find around the site and save to your “items” and such and such and then publish your “sets” for other polyvore-users to comment on and favorite if they like. its mainly used by girls to put clothing together and talk. each item includes a link in its description back to where it was origionally found on the interweb”.neimenovano.pngdddd

I personaly love this website so much. I have spent so much time on this website in last couple of months  cause it is awsome. You should definitely check it out, join it and use it cause it is awsome like i already said. It is very useful and I just love spending time on polyvore. On polyvore you can find link to where something was originaly found on interweb. That means that you can buy things actualy very cheap and very expensive. Polyvore is really fun and interasting and you can find things that are similar to your things and make set whit them.It is really good and you should definitely check it out.



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